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Wondering how Mercodia Glucagon ELISA assay works? Watch the instruction film! 17. Today, our new company film is launched.

Mercodia c-peptide elisa

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Mercodia Insulin ELISA Kit. Catalog number 10-1113-10 (10 x 96 determinations) or 10-1113-01 (96 determinations). Mercodia AB, Uppsala, Sweden. See outer label of kit for expiration date. The kit includes the following reagents: a. Microplates: Ten 96-well microplates coated with a murine monoclonal anti-insulin antibody. Store at 2-8 There are currently no images for C-Peptide ELISA Kit (NBP2-59957).

Human proinsulin 0.5 % n.d. = not detectable. Directions for use.

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Even higher sensitivity can be achieved by using an alternative protocol described in TechNote 0144. Test characteristics.

Mercodia c-peptide elisa

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Measures both Rat C-peptide I and II. Minimal cross-reactivity to human or mouse insulin, C-peptide or proinsulin. Kit format: 1 x 96 wells. Measurement range: 20-1200 pmol/L. No cross reactivity to human proinsulin or insulin. No cross reactivity to C-peptide in human, macaque, rat or mouse.

Mercodia c-peptide elisa

Today, our new company film is launched. This year we celebrate 30  Peptides. Some complex polysaccharides, for example, heparins.
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The ultrasensitive assay’s lower detection limit is 1.5 pmol/L, with inter- and intra-assay CVs at 5.5 and 3.8% at 37 pmol/L (cat. no. 10-1141-01; Mercodia). Mercodia Porcine C-peptide ELISA is a solid phase two-site enzyme immunoassay.
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It is based on the direct sandwich technique in which two monoclonal antibodies are directed against separate antigenic determinants on the C-peptide molecule. During incubation, C-peptide in the sample reacts with anti-C-peptide antibodies bound to the microtitration well. Mercodia is a world-leading developer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality immunoassay kits (ELISAs). The company is also a trusted bioanalytical service provider. Mercodia Ultrasensitive C-peptide ELISA is a solid phase two-site enzyme immunoassay.